Difference Between Living and Non-Living Things

Living things are defined as organisms that contain cells, which are tiny units of matter while Non-living things are those that have never lived or have lived once.

Here are some of the main differences between them to help you understand how both differ:

Living Vs Non-Living Things:

Living Things:

The living creatures move called locomotory motion because they have specialized locomotory organs, animals can move.

Respiration occurs in living organisms. Respiration is a chemical event that takes place inside cells

to release energy from food.

As foods are broken to release energy, which is then used by the body to produce water and carbon dioxide as waste products, gases are transferred through the digestive process.

Living beings are capable of detecting changes in their surroundings and are sensitive to touch (as well as other stimuli).

Non-Living Things:

There is no life in things that aren’t living. They lack protoplasm, which is the building block of life, and they

lack cells.

There is no metabolic activity if there is no protoplasm.

They lack any metabolic functions because they lack protoplasm.

They cannot bear children because they cannot reproduce and they don’t go through a growth process.

What is Difference between Living and Non-living Things?

Living things have senses, and can breathe, consume, grow, move, and reproduce whereas, Non-living things cannot breathe, move, grow, eat, or reproduce because they don’t have senses.

Let’s discuss the difference between them as follows:

Living ThingsNon-Living Things
Living things are defined as beings that are composed of cells and are both alive.Things or objects that don’t exhibit any signs of life are considered non-living.
They perceive things and respond to stimuli from outside.Things that are not living cannot be sensed.
To enable cells to function, and maintain a steady internal environment.Do not keep your internal surroundings constant.
There are reactions like anabolism and catabolism.They don’t undergo any metabolic changes.
Every living thing experiences controlled growth.Things that aren’t alive don’t grow.
Every living thing goes through an evolutionary process.There is no evolution in non-living entities.
Dependent on oxygen, water, and food to survive.Doesn’t require anything to survive.
Examples include people, pets, wildlife, and plants.Examples include rock, a pen, a building, and a device.


After reading this article you learned a lot about the differences between them, they are no longer able to confuse you.

A thing with life is meant to refer to as a living thing, and a thing without life is termed to as a non living thing.

Every living creature has five basic needs: breathing, eating, growing, moving, and reproducing whereas Non-living things are not capable of eating, growing, breathing, moving, or reproducing.

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