Difference between Latitude and Longitude

Latitude is all the horizontal rings from the equator to the poles whereas Longitude is the vertical lines that go north-south and connect the two poles.

Here are some of the main differences between latitude and longitude. to help you understand how both differ:

Latitude Vs Longitude:


In geographical, latitude is defined as the angular distance of any point north or south of the equator, — in other words, it is a coordinate system used to identify locations on Earth.

The parallelism of latitude is the circular lines that run parallel to the equator and up to the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Latitude varies from 0 to 90 degrees, with the equator indicating 0 degrees and the poles indicating 90 degrees.

Parallels in the northern hemisphere are referred to as north latitudes, whereas those in the southern hemisphere are referred to as south latitudes.

The following are some important latitude parallels:

  • The Cancer Tropic (23.5° N)
  • Capricorn’s Tropic (23.5° S)
  • Arctic Circle (66.5° N)
  • The Antarctic Circle (66.5° S)


They are known as longitude meridians, the furthest apart near the equator and converge at each pole.

Longitude is the angular distance between any two points east of the Prime Meridian and west of the Standard Meridian.

It determines how distant a specific location is from the reference line.

Meridians of longitude are referencing lines that go from north to south.

The prime meridian has a value of 0° longitude and divides the planet into two equal halves, the Eastern and Western Hemispheres.

What is the Difference Between Latitude and Longitude?

Latitude refers to the geographic coordinates that define the distance between two points north and south of the equator while Longitude refers to the geographic coordinate that specifies the distance between two points east and west of the Prime Meridian.

Let’s look at the differences between latitude and longitude.

The geographic measurements that indicate the distance between two sites north and south of the equator are referred to as latitude.Longitude refers to the geographic coordinate that specifies the distance between two points east and west of the Prime Meridian.
It is referred to as parallelism.It is referred to as meridians.
Latitude lengths of the lines vary.The lines are all the same length.
It categorizes heat zones.It categorizes time zones.
There are a total of 180 latitude lines.There are 360 lines of longitude.
Latitude is denoted by the Greek letter phi (ɸ).The Greek letter lambda (λ)represents longitude.
The latitude span is 0 to 90 degrees.The longitude span is 0 to 180 degrees.


After reading this article you learned a lot about the differences between them, they are no longer able to confuse you.

Without the use of the mathematical approach, it would have been difficult to find any place on the earth’s surface.

For this reason, fictitious lines called latitude and longitude are created on the globe.

Latitude and longitude both are imaginary lines that are used to identify spots on the earth’s crust and are expressed in degrees.

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