Difference between Iris and Pupil

The iris controls how much light enters the pupil it functions as the shutter of a camera and is the colourful portion of the eye while the pupil is the opening in the eyeball where light enters As the number of light changes, it expands and contracts.

Here are some of the main differences between them to help you understand how both differ:

Iris Vs Pupil:

What is Iris?

The coloured area of an eye, or iris, is a patch of tissue.

Iris is a small area of skin. Consider it a curtain.

It regulates how much light reaches the eye.

What is Pupil?

In the eye, the pupil is the iris’s central opening.

The space between the tissues is called the pupil. t it is known as the space between two curtains.

Light can reach the retina because of the pupil.

What is Difference between Iris and Pupil?

The iris, a ring-shaped membrane, controls the pupil’s size and manages how much light enters your eye by varying the pupil’s opening, while the muscles in the iris allow the pupil to enlarge and contract.

Let’s discuss the difference between iris and pupil:

The ring-shaped membrane that lines the inside of the eye is called the iris.The iris central black hole or opening is known as the pupil.
It encircles the pupil, with an aperture in the middle.The iris tissues encircle it.
Iris regulates the amount of light that is allowed to enter the eye as compared to the pupil.The aperture via which light enters our eyes.
They have muscles that constrict in bright light and relax in low light.It is a hole and does not contain any tissue of any type.
It determines the shade of our eyes.The pupil does not determine the shade of our eyes as compared to the iris.
In our eye, there is a tissue-covered patch that resembles a curtain.They resemble a space between the two curtains or a patch of tissues in our eyes.
The iris regulates how much light enters our retina.It enables the light to reach the retina.


After reading this article you learned a lot about the differences between them, they are no longer able to confuse you.

The iris is a contractile structure made primarily of smooth muscle.

The pupil serves as the entrance point for light into the eye, and the iris regulates the quantity of light by adjusting the pupil’s size.

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