Difference between Frog and Toad

Frog skin hangs freely on their bodies, and skin texture differs from animal to species, however, most frogs have moist and smooth skin while toad have dry, rough, and occasionally warty skin, a shorter body, and legs that are typically described as stubby or muscular.

Here are some of the main differences between frog and toad to help you understand how both differ:

Frog Vs Toad:


Frogs come from the Ranidae family and have many subspecies.

Furthermore, these variants may be found worldwide.

However, Antarctica is the only continent in frogs do not inhabit.

 Frogs have soft, wet skin. Frogs also have dentures in their upper jaw.

Their eyes stick out farther than that of a toad.

 Frogs have longer hind legs.


The family Bufeniode includes toads.

They have various subspecies and may be found on all continents excluding Antarctica.

With small, inflexible bodies, wide heads, two front arms, and two back legs, they resemble frogs in appearance.

A toad’s skin is both dry and coarse. Its entire body is covered in warts as well.

Additionally, they lack teeth.

Toads have shorter hind legs than frogs.

What is the Difference between a Frog and a Toad?

Frogs have lengthy legs that are designed for hopping and are longer than their head and body combined while toads have much shorter legs and favour crawling over hopping.

Let’s discuss the difference between them as follows”

The eggs are produced in clusters.Long chains of eggs are laid.
Tadpoles of frogs are thinner and have a gold colour.Tadpoles from toads are large and dark in colour.
Most frogs don’t crawl.Toads primarily crawl when they move about.
Due to their semi-aquatic lifestyle, frogs have webbed feet.Typically, toads don’t have webbed feet.
The frog has soft, moist skin.Toad skin is rough and relatively drier.
Frogs can jump higher and have longer legs.Toads can jump, but not as high as frogs because of their shorter legs.
They typically seem thin and skinny.Toads are shorter and stubby than frogs.
Frogs spend their whole lives in or near water.Toads are significantly better adapted to life on land.


You learned a lot about the differences between frog and toad by reading this article. They are no longer able to confuse you.

Unfortunately, not all frogs and toads can be recognized since they share similar traits.

Some toads have smooth and wet skin like frogs, whereas some frogs have rough, dry skin like a toad.

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