Difference between Food Chain and Food Web

A food chain is the arrangement of creatures that each member of an ecosystem uses to obtain food and energy while the food web describes a network of interconnected food chains.

Here are some of the main differences between the food chains and the food web to help you understand how both differ:

Food Chain Vs Food Web:

Food Chain:

Producers, consumers, and decomposers are also included.

Green plants are the producers, followed by us and other animals as consumers, then microbes as decomposers.

 Food chains come in two varieties.

They are the food chains for grazing animals and debris. An illustration of a food chain is grass-antelope-tiger-vulture.

Food Web:

Different species of population creatures can be found in a food chain. One factor that unites all of these, namely the need for energy to carry out the activities.

Most essential, the sun is our planet’s primary energy source.

This energy is used by green plants to produce food. until they have captured the energy, it is next transformed by a variety of local organisms in what is known as a food web.

What is Difference between Food Chain and Food Web?

A food chain is a simple network that depicts how nutrients and energy move linearly from one level of the hierarchy to another whereas A food web is made up of numerous food chains that are linked at various trophic levels.

Let’s discuss the difference between the food chains and food web as follows:

Food ChainFood Web
A straight line illustrates the movement of energy.Many networks display the movement of energy
The particular lower trophic level organism is consumed by a higher trophic level organism.A higher trophic level organism may reach lower trophic level creatures more easily.
It has no impact on an organism’s capacity for adaptation or level of competition.It has an impact on an organism’s capacity for competition and adaptation.
If only one set of organisms is disturbed, the entire chain suffers.The extinction of one species has little impact on the food chain.
The food chains of grazing and detritusNo kind.
It grows when the number of isolated and limited food chains grows.It grows as a result of the existence of complicated food chains.
Energy and nutrition flow along a single linear channel.There are several interconnecting channels via which nutrients and energy pass.
It consists of simply one straight chain.It consists of multiple interconnected food networks.


By reading this article, you learned a lot about the distinctions between food chains and food webs.

The food web is complicated and interconnected, and the isolation or dissociation of some of the food chains that make it up has little effect on the ecosystem’s sustainability.

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