Difference between Area and Perimeter

The area of a two-dimensional flat piece is considered as the space/region it covers, whereas the perimeter of a closed figure is considered as the length of its edges.

Here are some key distinctions between area and perimeter to help you learn how they differ:

Area Vs Perimeter:


The area is a measurement that reflects the number of square units occupied by a two-dimensional item.

It is used to calculate how much space a horizontal surface occupies.

The area is expressed in square units like square kilometres, square feet, square inches, etc.

For example, a square with side ‘a’; the area of the square is given by a2.


The name “perimeter” comes from the Greek word’s “peri” and “meter,” which indicate “around” and “measure.”

It denotes the continuous line defining the path outside the two-dimensional shape in geometry.

It is measured as in units.

For example, if a square has a side length of ‘a’ the perimeter will be the total of its four sides, i.e. ‘4a.’

What is Difference between Area and Perimeter?

The area of a smooth surface is the amount of space that it covers while the perimeter of a closed geometrical form is defined as the length of the border that surrounds it.

So, what’s the difference?  Let’s discuss the difference between area and perimeter and how they are similar but not the same.

The area is the space in a two-dimensional plane inhabited by a closed-form.The length of a closed-outside form’s edge is its perimeter.
It is expressed in square units.It is expressed in terms of units.
The space occupied by the object is represented by its area.Perimeter denotes the shape’s outer border or limit.
The area is expressed in square units like square kilometres, square feet, square inches, etc than perimeter.The perimeter of a form is measured in linear units such as kilometres, inches, feet, and so on.
The area measures two dimensions namely the object’s length and breadth.The perimeter is expressed in linear units and only evaluates one dimension, the length of the item.
 Example: The size of a farming plot.As an example, consider fencing the agricultural patch.
Area of square = side2.Perimeter of square = 4 x side.
Area of a rectangle = Length × Breadth.Perimeter of rectangle = 2(Length + Breadth).


 After a comprehensive study of the concepts, you should have a clear understanding of area and perimeter.

While area basically relates to the space covered i.e., the inside of the thing; perimeter relates to the ‘distance around,’ i.e., the shape’s outline.

Furthermore, firms with the same perimeter and area can have distinct areas, while figures with the same area and perimeter can have various areas.

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