Summer Season in India (Updated in 2019)

Summer Season in India (Updated in 2019)

Summer Season in India

The summer season in India is the hottest period of the year. This season comes after the end of the spring season.

All the creatures of Earth get distraught everywhere due to heat and they chase for shade in such strong sunlight.

Everyone is afraid to get out in the scorching sun. Therefore it proves not a gift but a punishment. Trees and plants also dry up due to such heat.

The summer season in India falls in the months of Jyeshtha and Ashada according to Hindu months, i.e. the months of May and June.

How is the summer season in India ?

There is a lot of thirst in the summer season. People drink cold syrup and lemonade etc. in their homes.

The morning sunrise is a very pleasant time, at this time there is a cool and calm atmosphere, at this time the tweet of birds pleases the mind.

The heat increases as soon as the sun is seen. Those who hurry out of the house to their office and try to reach elsewhere to escape the scorching heat and heat.

By noon, the sun turns red like a circle of fire and ignites. Farmers also come to rest under the shade of trees for some time under such strong sunlight during the Summer Season in India.

The windows and doors of the houses are closed to avoid heat. Most people use fans, coolers and other cooling devices in their homes.

Some people have to go out in the scorching sun and heat to work, they get completely drenched with sweat and they get ill due to the sweat of clothes.

In areas like the desert, the sun sets fire, the heat here is terrible because most of the dusty winds are blowing in these areas, in which case, farmers and labourers have to work without fear even in this terrible heat.

Why is summer weather important?

The extreme heat here troubles us a lot, while it proves beneficial for us in some places because there are many crops which are strong with strong sunlight and in such heat insects, moths and mosquitoes etc. are destroyed.

This summer season gives us the strength to endure difficult situations, it inspires us that we should never be afraid of sorrows, but must face persistence.

In the summer season in India, many people travel to cool places like Nainital, Mussoorie, and Shimla to escape the destruction of summer and people get time to rejoice.

The arrival of rain also starts between these days, in the middle of this summer season the rain gives a different feel.

As the rain falls, the thirst of the earth quenches, due to the rains the strong hot winds turn into cold winds. Heavy rains provide a lot of relief from the scorching heat.

Just as it brings happiness only after suffering, similarly rain after summer makes someone happy.

Ferocious heat:

The plains of India have the hottest season during summer and are very annoying.

These days the rays of the sun fall directly on the earth & the heat is very fierce and sunlight makes the eyes dazzle.

In this season, only some work can be done in the morning.

Rich people use air conditioning or coolers in their homes to keep them cool. Electric fans throw hot air.

Holidays in schools and colleges:

Beginning in summer season in India , the time of schools and colleges changes in the morning.

Schools and colleges have summer vacation on summer days. By mid-July, when the summer season is over, school-colleges open only after that.

These days, school offices etc. also open only in the morning.

The government offices try to keep them cool by arranging coolers or poppy seeds.

Insufficiency of water:

There is also a shortage of water in some areas, during the Summer Season in India .

The water in all the rivers becomes very less and dries completely.

The water level of the wells also goes down and the pond starts drying up.

Animal grasslands dry up and green grass rarely survives. Animals quench their thirst with the dirty water of the ponds.

Summer dress:

In summer, light, loose and white clothes are worn. These days, dhoti and kurta provide great comfort.

In villages, naked children shout day and night in the dirty water of the ponds.

Summer Fruits:

During the summer season in India , there are many juicy fruits in India.

Mango, watermelon, melon, cucumber and lychee are the special fruits of this season, which are all eaten with great fervour and taste.

All these fruits are delicious and juicy. God seems to have made these fruits only to quench the thirst of summer.

Best time of day in the morning:

Morning is the most beautiful time of summer season in India .

These days, only in the morning, cool winds blow and birds chirping is heard.

At this time neither the sun nor the body burns with the sun’s strong rays.

Days are very long in the summer season. The sun lasts till six in the evening and it is very hot. Even after the sun sets, hot air scorches the body for several hours.

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Conclusion for the summer season in India:

The main reason for this heat is humans themselves due to increasing pollution and frequent cutting of trees.

Our Earth is constantly warming and the sun’s ultraviolet rays are directly reaching the Earth which causes many deadly diseases in the Summer Season in India.

We have a responsibility, to avoid such terrible heat, we should plant more and more trees.

Trees help a lot in reducing heat and they absorb toxic air and give us pure air.

The more trees there are plants, the colder the earth, due to which the heat will not be too high.


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