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New York City 

COVID Vaccine Mandate

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US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Monday refused to block New York City from implementing an order to vaccinate all municipal employees against Covid-19.

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A liberal judge denied Detective Anthony Marciano's request to stop the vaccination requirement, while an appeal of his claims continues in a lower court.

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The COVID-19 vaccines authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration and recommended by federal health officials and public health experts and are not considered experimental.

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Marciano remains on active duty while he appeals the denial of his vaccine exemption request. The city's health department ordered in October 2021.

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The Manhattan-based Second US Circuit Court of Appeals on August 2 denied Marciano's request for a stay.

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In January, the US Supreme Court blocked President Joe Biden's Covid-19 vaccination-or-testing order for big businesses.

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