Argentine Vice President

Man Detained 

Point Handgun 

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A man was detained Thursday night after pointing a handgun at point-blank range at Argentine Vice President Fernandez in government ministers characterized as an assassination attempt.

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Supporters around the man seem shaken by what is happening in the Recoleta neighborhood of the Argentine capital.

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“A person who was known by people close to him who had a gun was detained by (the Vice President's) security personnel.

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The minister said he should be careful in providing details until more information is available in the investigation. There is no official comment on whether the gun is real or not.

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Ministers in President Alberto Fernandez's government issued a news release saying they "enthusiastically condemn the assassination attempt" of the vice president.

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Supporters of the vice president clashed with police in the streets surrounding her apartment as law enforcement officers attempted to clear the area.

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