Uyghur Rights Abuses!

China Rejects UN Report


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China has denounced a long-delayed U.N study that found the government's arbitrary incarceration of Uighurs and other Muslim ethnic groups in  Xinjiang to be crimes against humanity.

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Human rights organisations and the Japanese government, which has been embroiled in a battle with China and others, praised the study and pressed for its release.

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China has committed major human rights violations as part of its counter-terrorism and counter-extremism, has called for "urgent attention" from the UN, the global community.

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The report largely confirms earlier reporting by researchers, advocacy groups and the news media, avoiding assumptions and conclusions that cannot be proven with certainty.

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Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International called on the United Nations and governments to establish independent investigations into human rights violations.

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The UN report makes no mention of the genocide, which some countries, including the US, have accused China of perpetrating in Xinjiang.

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