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RIP Full Form | What is Full Form of RIP

RIP Full Form is Rest in Peace or Requiescat in pace.

The expression usually appears on the headstone, often referred to as “RIP” or “R.I.P.”

It is mostly used by Christians because they do not burn corpses but bury them.

It is also used as a prayer to find eternal peace to the soul after death.

RIP Full Form
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RIP Full Form and Meaning:

RIP Full Form with meaning is defined in this article.

You must have heard the people speaking RIP.

If you don’t know what it means, then read this post, because in this post we have discussed about, why is RIP used,  what do you mean by RIP in death.

If you have a social media account, then you must have seen people writing RIP in the comment box.

We should use this word only when someone expires, the reason behind this, you will understand after reading this post.

I have seen many people, who do not know the RIP meaning and they just know that RIP is written on someone’s death.

Our main objective in writing this post is to tell you the full form of RIP.

Why is RIP used?

People often use this word for peace of soul.

What do you mean by a RIP in death?

If we try to understand this word, Rest in Peace together it means resting with peace of soul.

RIP (Full Form Rest in peace) is completely English word and it is mostly used by Christians and British’s.

There are also some people who like to write Rest in Peace, and some people write only RIP because both words mean the same.

Where did RIP come from?

The word RIP is derived from the Latin phrase Requiescat in Pace.

This phrase was found in the catacombs of the early Christians and indicated that “they died in the peace of the Church that is, united in Christ.”

The term RIP (Full Form Rest in peace) is mainly used for the dead person.

In Christianity, they are buried after a person dies and rest in peace is written on their grave.

The word is also used to express sympathy and respect for the dead person.

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Conclusion for RIP Full Form:

In this post, We discussed the RIP meaning.

RIP is a very sensitive word, it can hurt their feelings if it is used for a living person.

Therefore, use the word like RIP thoughtfully. If you all liked this post about RIP meaning, then do share it.


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