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PHP Full Form | What is Full Form of PHP

PHP Full Form is the Personal Home Page.

PHP is an HTML-embedded, server-side scripting language designed for web development.

PHP is additionally utilized as a general-purpose programming language.

PHP full form

PHP Full Form and Meaning:

PHP Full Form will be discussed beneath in this article.

Friends, you will see the use of PHP everywhere, for example, Facebook’s creation has also been made using PHP.

PHP is no less than a boon for all of us, by using it you can create the best web page as per your wish.

In this post, you will get complete information about PHP such as what is meant by PHP, why is PHP used and what is the benefit of PHP, We will discuss everything within this post.

What is PHP:

PHP (FULL FORM PERSONAL HOME PAGE ) is a programming language that we use to create an online script.

With PHP you can create a website and can also be used with HTML.

What is meant by PHP programming?

PHP is a server-side programming language meaning that whenever you open a website prepared from PHP on your computer, its request first goes to the server and then the result that appears on your screen.

This is the reason that with the help of PHP you can also prepare a dynamic page for your website.

What is PHP used for?

PHP (FULL FORM IS THE PERSONAL HOME PAGE) is an HTML scripting language which is used in web development for designing and also a general programming language.

Who created PHP?

The discovery of PHP, which he named Rasmus Lerdorf, made PHP in 1994 and brought it to the world in 1995.

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Many PHP syntaxes are derived from C, C ++ and Java.

PHP (FULL FORM IS THE PERSONAL HOME PAGE) code can be easily used with HTML. With PHP we can easily create any dynamic page.

A PHP file is made up of texts, HTML tags, and scripts, with the file extensions PHP, PHP3, and PHTML.

With its help, you can also create a login page, design form, create a forum, and create dynamic and static websites.

Benefits of PHP:

  • PHP (FULL FORM IS THE PERSONAL HOME PAGE) is free of cost, all its sources and components are all free.
  • All the platforms of PHP are independent and all work on the operating system.
  • PHP works almost with all the servers in today’s time.
  • PHP has multiple layers for security, which protects it from any kind of threat and malicious attack.
  • We can learn PHP very easily and we can understand its syntax easily.
  • Also, PHP codes are associated with C, C ++ and HTML, so it is quite easy to learn this program.

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Conclusion of PHP Full Form:

In this post, we have also acknowledged what is PHP, Full Form of PHP.

We also gained complete knowledge of PHP such as who created PHP and what is the meaning of PHP, what is the benefit of PHP and much more.

According to PHP is a programming language that every programmer should understand because almost everyone uses it on the Internet.

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