PDF Full Form | What is the Full form of PDF

PDF Full Form | What is the Full form of PDF

PDF Full Form is Portable Document Format.

It is a file format that captures all printed document as an electronic picture, which you can view, print or forward to another person.

PDF files are created with Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, or other software.

PDF Full Form

Friends, you must have heard the name of the PDF too many times, but have you ever found out what is the full form of the PDF?

PDF Full Form & Meaning:

In this post, I will discuss what is PDF, What is PDF used for, Who invented the PDF, How PDF is created, how PDF help us & much more,

PDF Full Form and Meaning:

PDF is a very popular file extension in today’s times.

With the help of PDF, we can read books on our phone or computer, even if we are at home.

Nowadays, all the books that are available will be found in the PDF file after you search online, which also makes your work easier.

Downloading the PDF file is very easy, just write the name of whatever book you want and write the PDF along with it.

By searching on Google, you will definitely find that book on some website.

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What is the pdf?

PDF ( full form is Portable Document Format ) is a kind of document file in which text, image, hyperlinks, embedded fonts, video etc. can be kept and can be read whenever you want.

Who invented the PDF?

It evolved from a system called “Camelot” developed by Adobe co-founder John Warnock.

The Acrobat Company has invented the PDF (the full form is Portable Document Format). It is designed in 1990, since then it transformed the document world.

After this, in 1993, Adobe, the company that created PDF, released its first version 1.0 and since then it has been updated quite often.

In July 2017, a new version 2.0 of PDF was released, which got a lot of new features.

After 2008, Adobe published a Public Patent License, according to which PDFs can now be used by any company, organization, logo, in a way, the PDF was made Royalty-Free.

Full form of PDF
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What is PDF used for?

You can create PDF files with the help of Adobe Acrobat software and read PDF files with the help of Adobe Reader Software.

Nowadays there are much software available, you can use any software to create and read PDF files.

PDF (full form is Portable Document Format) is mainly used to share documents.

Today most of the books are available to you in online pdf format.

What is the extension of PDF?

A PDF file has an extension of .pdf.

What is the benefit of a PDF file?

You can also protect PDF files with password.

You open the pdf file on any device, there is no change in it, and it looks the same on every device.

Nowadays, many browsers also support PDF files such as Chrome and Firefox.

You can also find much software online that you can convert PDF format to another format like HTML, SWF, MOBI, PDB, EPUB, TXT etc.

You can design the text you have written and according to the requirement.

If you have a phone or computer, you can easily read the PDF file and know what is written in it.

If you want to read PDF files on your computer or laptop, then a popular software for this is Adobe Reader.

This software was also created by the same company that produced the PDF.

How PDF is created?

PDF (full form is Portable Document Format) file is very easy to create, you can also create it with software like Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word.

In today’s time, pdf is used all over the world and people also like it very much.

Today, there is a lot of document format, but people still prefer to read the document from PDF file and this is the demand for the most file format.

The biggest reason behind liking it so much is that people can write and read any document in PDF.

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Conclusion of PDF Full Form:

So friends in this post we have come across the Full Form of PDF.

I also gave you the complete information about the PDF with PDF Full Form such as what is the PDF, What is PDF used for, who invented the PDF, how to read the PDF file, etc.

After reading this post, all of you must have realized how important PDF for us and its benefits.

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