Autumn Season in India (Updated in 2019)

Autumn Season in India (Updated in 2019)

Autumn Season in India

Autumn Season in India is among the 6 seasons, lasting for two-three months.

After this season the rain starts and the humidity in the air increases.

The weather is very pleasant at this time. It is cold in the morning and at night.

White clouds appear somewhere in the sky.

What happens in the autumn season in India?

During this season, there is a lot of fruits and vegetables and this season brings with it many festivals like Dussehra, Diwali.

Leaves of trees also fall in this season, due to which it is also called the fall season and the mind remains happy and the body remains agile.

Lotuses bloom in ponds and birds sing everywhere.

The moonlight looks very attractive and the whole atmosphere is very charming. Autumn occurs in two months of Ashwin and Karthik according to Hindu calendar.

In this, Autumn Season in India there is a freezing cold wind and there are ants on the ground and flowers in the fields.

What months are in Autumn Season in India?

According to the Gregorian calendar, autumn occurs from September to November in the Northern Hemisphere and from March to May in the Southern Hemisphere.

Autumn season essay:

There are six seasons in a year. Autumn is one of them, this is the third season of the year.

After summer and before winter there is a season called Autumn Seasons in India.

Autumn Season in India is the harvesting time for most of the crops.

In this season, the fruit is collected. So, this season is known as collection season.

In autumn we can also see many types of lotus in the pond. They are white, blue and red. At night, the bright moon of autumn becomes brighter.

In the equator region, the autumn season is similar to the spring season, with a slight difference in temperature, the autumn season is the time.

In this Autumn Season in India, most animals hunt for food during this season.

The weather cools down in the autumn season & it is cool and beautiful, highly praised by lovers of beauties.

Autumn Season in India is appreciated by great poets of past and present.

It is a great season due to the fall of all coloured leaves.

You can enjoy walking with friends and different shades of leaves colours.

Different colours warm your soul. Autumn Seasons in India is the cool season.

The leaves give beautiful tones of yellow, orange, and red.

We can see the families of the neighbours, all gathered in a rough celebration. You feel great in such quiet times.

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Autumn Season in India Conclusion:

Autumn is a truly beautiful and terrifying season.

When the autumn season comes, there are a lot of changes in the environment.

The leaves are changing their shape in late September and early October.

Autumn warns us that winter is near.

Preparations for the winter season occur when there are low temperatures and heavy coats.

Autumn Seasons in India is a brief reminder of this pre-winter season that goes beyond beautiful and beautiful colours.


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