10 Tried and Tested Online Resources to Improve Essay Writing!

How well you explain an idea or topic depends on your writing skills. Writing is not as easy as it sounds, especially when drafting an essay.

Essay writing is challenging as you have to capture a reader’s attention with solid and unique information.

Having good knowledge of grammar and using catchy vocabulary in your prose aren’t the only two things that would make your draft catchy.

You need to focus on many other elements while writing an essay. If you don’t have good essay-writing skills and want to improve, you should read this post.

Improving writing skills is very important as it helps your personal and professional life.

However, it isn’t easy to learn, practice, and improve your skills without help, so experts recommend using online resources.

If you get help from a professional writer/teacher, you have to pay them for their services and assistance.

Most newbies cannot afford tuition, so we suggest you use free online resources. Dozens of tools and sites can help you improve your essay-writing skills.

Below we have discussed some of the best options you would find online!

Create The Perfect Essays with The Help of Free Online Tools!

If you search for the best resources to improve your essay writing skills on Google, you will find more than hundreds of options.

However, choosing the most helpful ones isn’t easy, so here in this section, we have listed the top ten tools.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Writing

Google Scholar is a very important tool for essay writers.

First, you must know there is no point in writing an essay if it is not informative and supported with facts and figures.

Second, Google Scholar is a search engine cum platform that can help you find research material on the topic you have to write on.

The quality of your essay would depend on the information you have regarding the topic.

You will make the draft wordy if you don’t have the proper information.

This is why experts recommend that writers use this resource and collect relevant information that can be discussed in the essay.

Google Scholar is free to use, and you can try it on any device you want. However, finding relevant articles and case studies for essay writing is best.

Online Notepad

Online Notepad Writing

Online notepad is very important for people who want to write good-quality essays.

This tool helps writers take notes in digital format.

You don’t need a paper or a pen to note important points you have collected during your research.

You can use the online notepad for free on any device you want, you can take plain and rich text notes and even create task lists with this tool.

Research work is very important when writing a good-quality essay. An essay having no information isn’t going to have any value.

If you want your draft to be valuable and engaging, you must spend decent time researching. The ideas and key points you collect in the research phase can be organized on the online notepad.

The notes you take with this online tool can be saved on your device in Word, PDF, and even TXT format.

You can preserve points that you collect from different sources and write down the ideas that you have related to the essay topic.

This tool can be used not only for taking notes, but students can also write complete essays on the notepad.

Essay Map

Essay Map Writing

Essay map, as the name hints, is a resource that can help you map an outline for your essay.

Writing without a proper outline or structure would not be an intelligent move. An essay having no structure isn’t going to engage readers.

You need to split your essay into three parts. These include the introduction, essay body, and conclusion.

Once you open the tool on your device, you must enter your name and the topic you want to write on.

You would be directed to a new window where you have to enter a few introductory lines for your essay.

After that, you must write down the three headings/ideas you want to discuss in the essay. And lastly, you can write concluding points.

The tool helps you develop five main checkpoints. You can get supporting details for the introductory passage, heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, and the conclusion.

You can discuss key points noted while in the research phase in the three headings.

Once you fill in every input field, the essay map will create a complete structure you can follow while writing it.


Word-Counter Writing

This online wordcounter tool helps you keep track of words and characters in essays.

With this tool, you can easily find how many words and sentences you have written in every essay section.

The main purpose of this tool is to help writers keep count of words in their drafts and stay within the mentioned limit.

When writing an essay, you must keep in mind the word count limit. The quality of your writing also depends on the amount of content you have written.

Usually, when you have to write an essay on a certain topic, you are given a specific word count limit.

Exceeding the word count or writing less content would affect the draft’s engagement rate and overall readability.

Before writing, you must decide how many words you want to write in the intro, essay body, and conclusion.

Then with the help of the word counter, you can manage the respective requirements.

This online word counter doesn’t only allow you to keep track of words, but it also helps you check your sentences for grammatical mistakes.

You can also customize the font size, style, and cases. You can also find out the density of certain words used in the essay.

This feature is quite beneficial when you are using keywords in the essay.

Grammar Lookup

Grammar Lookup

Grammar lookup is an online tool that can help you check your essay for grammatical mistakes, missing punctuation, wrong spelling, and other style issues.

The tool uses artificial intelligence and other advanced algorithms to scan your draft and highlight errors.

In addition, the tool is free to use, so you can easily proofread your work without worrying about paying an expert.

In essay writing, you have to ensure that your content is free of all human and technical errors.

The grammar lookup helps you check quality issues and improve the errors found in your work.

All you need to do is copy the content you have written and paste it into the tool’s input box. After inserting the text, you have to click on the lookup button.

The mistakes found in your essay will be underlined. You can click on each error and substitute them with the correct options.

The tool is very easy to use and is important for all kinds of writers. Writers can learn how to avoid and fix technical issues with the help of this tool.

QuetextPlagiarism Checker

QuetextPlagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker by QueText is another important resource for essay writing. The tool, as the name tells us, is used to check plagiarism in content.

This plagiarism checker can scan essays, assignments, blogs, and other writing materials for duplication.

You have to enter the text you have written in the input box of the plagiarism checker and hit the ‘check for plagiarism’ button.

The tool uses AI-powered bots to scan and compare your essay with billions of resources on the web. The matched/similar content would be highlighted by the tool.

Once the tool highlights the duplicate content, it will allow you to remove it or create in-text citations to avoid plagiarism-related consequences.

Therefore, the tool is considered the best and an important resource for writers, students, and bloggers.

The tool is available in both free and paid versions. The free version of the tool is enough for scanning an essay draft!

However, if you want to ensure that your essay is 100% unique, you must try this reliable plagiarism checker.

Rephraser.Co – Sentence Rephraser

Rephraser.Co – Sentence Rephraser

This text rephraser is another crucial resource for an essay writer. This rephraser tool helps you paraphrase drafts in a reader-friendly way.

You have to enter the text you have written in the input box of the tool and click on the ‘Paraphrase’ button.

In less than seconds, the tool would paraphrase the input text in a very humane style.

This online paraphrase tool is mainly used for two purposes.

The first is to rephrase plagiarized content found in your essay and the second is to rewrite complicated sentences in a simpler and more digestible tone.

Essays should be written in simple language and concise, and, most importantly, unique. These are all qualities that are hard to manage by a basic writer.

Using the rephraser helps you rewrite your draft in a simple tone and without any traces of duplication.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay anyone to rephrase text, as you can use the free version of this rephraser. It is available for every type of writer.

The rephrased content in the output box can be checked for plagiarism and technical issues. Creating human-like essays from scratch is also easy with this paraphrasing tool!

Headline Analyzer – Coschedule

Headline Analyzer – Coschedule

This headline analyzer tool helps you optimize heading tags for your essay.

The tool is free to use and is best to use if you want to create the best headings and subheadings for your essay body. Headlines are a very important part of an essay.

As we have mentioned, your essay is incomplete if it lacks structure.

Therefore, you can structure your essays properly with the help of this online tool.

You have to open this tool on your browser and input the heading or subheading in your mind. After inserting the input text, you must click the analyze button.

The tool would analyze the heading and would score it. You would get headline and SEO scores for the heading you entered.

The headline analyzer would suggest how you can improve and increase the score of the heading.

In addition, focusing on the headlines would help make your essay more interesting for the reader.

Aztekera Passive Voice Checker

Aztekera Passive Voice Checker

This passivevoice checker is another important resource for writers. Essay writing in the English language is classified into two main types.

This online tool helps you check your content for passive voice phrases. You can use it to remove the passive voice from your draft.

Essay writing should preferably be done in an active voice. Content written in an active voice is more concise and straightforward.

Having a passive voice in your essay will make it hard to read and hampered. Passive voice in your essay makes it unpersuasive, which is why you must avoid it.

Just enter the text you have written in the input box of this tool and click on the ‘check’ button. The tool would identify passive voice phrases and highlight them in the results.

Summarizing Tool

Summarizing Tool

Summary generator tool is an essential resource for essay writers.

You can enter the essay body in the summarizing tool and hit the ‘summarize’ button.

The tool would skim the input content and would summarize it uniquely.

The output summarized text can be treated as the introduction of the essay.

In essay writing, you have to focus on a concise introduction that can persuade a reader to read the rest of the headlines.

Experts suggest that the introduction of an essay must be written after you have written the body content.

This would help you cover all points in the intro, which you later explained.

The summary generator tool is free to use, and there is no limitation that you have to worry about.

For example, you can easily create a 100 to 150 words summary against a 500-word input. The tool is very easy to use, and you must try it.


Essay writing is not an easy task, and it is best to use online resources that can assist you in creating the best essay.

Out of hundreds of tools and websites, we have selected the most popular options for your help.

You can try these tools on any device you want, as they are based on the cloud and are free. For more details about these tools, try them before writing an essay!

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